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Elemental Inheritance Part 2
Leaving the hectic docks behind, Deegan climbed into the sky above Artaxis until the city lay beneath him. Spreading away from the docks and the sprawling lower city, Artaxis rose up on a series of terraces carved in to the northern face of the island's central mountain. Seventy-five thousand people crowded its streets while above them the skies were filled with ships from every nation bringing in produce and commodities from across the world.
Having lived in the city for five years now, Deegan knew its streets well, his skyboard giving him a view of the city that few of its inhabitants could enjoy. At the same time, the skyboard had turned more than a few heads. As far as he could tell, his board was one of a kind; he'd never seen anything like it. Deegan assumed that was because no one other than him was crazy enough to build and operate such a device. His father, proud of his son's accomplishment, had said as much on more than one occasion.
After taking a second to enjoy the view, h
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Minor League Origins 1
Issue #1 - SAM
Sam ignored the looks from the other people in the library. You'd think it was the first time they'd seen a scruffy street kid sitting at a computer. The fifteen-year-old boy thought they were probably surprised they couldn't smell him from across the room. Sam wasn't surprised though, thanks to his genetic alterations, his sweat gave off no scent and had odour neutralising properties. Even though the original purpose of the alteration was to enhance his stealth capabilities, he was probably the only teenage boy on the planet who never had to worry about deodorant and showers.
As he was tapping away at the keyboard, scrolling through another newspaper report on a missing teenage boy dated nine months ago, something made him look up. Two men stood at the front desk talking to a library assistant. They showed something to the assistant, a badge Sam assumed as they verbally identified themselves as NYPD detectives. Then, one of them asked if "she had seen this boy,"
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Minor League - Ghost by blaster219 Minor League - Ghost :iconblaster219:blaster219 5 1 Unwilling Augmentation by blaster219 Unwilling Augmentation :iconblaster219:blaster219 33 2 SAM by blaster219 SAM :iconblaster219:blaster219 32 0 Ryan Henderson - Two Years On by blaster219 Ryan Henderson - Two Years On :iconblaster219:blaster219 66 6 Dimitri and ... by blaster219 Dimitri and ... :iconblaster219:blaster219 3 2 Fight - WIP by blaster219 Fight - WIP :iconblaster219:blaster219 3 0 Centurion - WIP by blaster219 Centurion - WIP :iconblaster219:blaster219 4 0
Scion - Part 3
A Favour
Ares leaned back on his chair, his face becoming serious. "I think it's time we had a little talk."
"Oh yeah?" said Cam, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. "The last time we met, you told me that the reason why those wolfspawn had attacked and killed my friends was because of me. I was just twelve years old, I'd just seen my best friends brutally torn apart and I was still in shock. You dumped a crap load of blame on me, convincing me that it was my fault they were dead. Do you have any idea what that did to me?"
Folding his arms, Ares fixed his son with a hard and calculating look. "Wolfspawn are attracted to the divine essence given off by Scions and they're used by the enemies of the Gods to track down and eliminate Scions who haven't yet come into their powers. Those wolfspawn were hunting you, so what I said was true. If it wasn't for you, those four people would still be alive today."
Orin suddenly felt a shiver, causing him to back away from the table invo
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MegaVolt - Intro
The gunman paced down the aisle keeping a wary eye on the small collection of passengers. His finger was tight on the trigger of the sub-machine gun he was wielding, its muzzle pointing at each of the passengers in turn. A college whose nose had been buried in a textbook, her ears plugged with earphones when the men had boarded the train. There was a pregnant woman who looked ready to pop, he hoped wouldn't go into a labour while they were there. A construction worker that looked eager for a fight, he'd bet his considerable cut from this job that he would try something at some point. In the corner at the back with his hands on his head and ducking behind one of the seats was a young burgundy-haired Hispanic boy, probably twelve or thirteen. Bet he was wishing he hadn't skipped school today. Sitting on the back seat on the other side of the bus and clutching his recently broken nose was an older Hispanic teenager with what he recognised as gang tattoos for Los Diablos, a street gang wit
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MegaVolt by blaster219 MegaVolt :iconblaster219:blaster219 16 1 Cam and Orin by blaster219 Cam and Orin :iconblaster219:blaster219 3 1
WIP SciFi Story
With a hiss, the capsule lid retracted; the white mist within spilling out onto the metal floor before dissipating. Inside the capsule, a young teenage boy began to stir as the effects of cryosleep began to wear off. Just as he awoke, metal restraints around his wrists and ankles snapped open and he stumbled out of the capsule onto the floor. He picked himself up but the sudden movement caused his stomach to start performing somersaults. "Oh crud," he said, his voice croaking with misuse, as he doubled over and vomited up the contents of his stomach. The boy sat still for several minutes trying to regain the strength in his legs and the stability of his stomach. As he sat there on the floor, he noticed something written on his forearm out of the corner of eye.
For a moment, he was confused. What was that doing there, who had written that on his arm with a marker pen? Then, slowly, an unsettling thought wormed its way to the front of his brain. Was that his name? Ever since waki
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Dimitri Antonov - Profile
I've led a pretty interesting life the short time I've been alive. Interesting in the Chinese curse sense of the word that is. "Chinese curse," now there's an understatement. I'll explain that in a minute but I suppose I should introduce myself first.
My name's Dimitri Antonov. If you're a crime buff you might recognise the surname. My mortal stepfather, another thing I'll have to explain later, is Petyr Antonov. He's the head of an organised crime syndicate, one of the biggest on the East Coast. Yeah, my old man is a big time Russian gangster. Growing up in that house surrounded by mafia flunkies wasn't easy, let me tell you. For example, officially I was supposed to be home schooled by a tutor, in reality my "tutor" was one of my old man's men whose job it was to keep me out of trouble and make sure I toed the line. You see Petyr wanted an heir to take over from him one day and apparently being his son made me the prime candidate. As soon as I was old enough to tie my own laces he st
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Assassin WIP by blaster219 Assassin WIP :iconblaster219:blaster219 2 5





David Andrews
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United Kingdom
Suspect is a caucasian male approximatly 5ft 7. Brown hair with blue-grey eyes. Last known place of residence is Manchester.

WARNING: Suspect is to be considered armed and dangerous as he is in possesion of a number of swords, knives, firearms, armour and other weaponary.

MLO Issue 1

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2011, 11:37 AM
Issue One Done

Inbetween juggling four different roleplaying games, looking for a job, and watching fansubbed anime. I somehow found time to finish Issue One which is Sam's introduction. Tried to keep it short and not give too much information away. Next up is MegaVolt. Most of this one is already done (being based on this submission). Just need to rework parts of it and expand the second part. Considering what I have planned in the new additions, it seems that most, if not all, of the introduction issues will follow a similar format. Part one introduces the character, part two introduces that characters primary antagonist.

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Jedi Apprentice by Re-DEE-Mer

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Psychic Power and Force Field by Hazy-b
Psychic Power and Force Field by Hazy-b

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